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IPL Photofacial Calgary

IPL Photofacial Calgary

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a procedure where a high intensity pulse of light is used to treat areas of the skin where there is sun damage, age spots, dark spots, rosacea, redness, acne scars, or fine lines and wrinkles. IPL is also commonly referred to as photofacial, photorejuvenation, or broadband light. 

IPL Photofacial Calgary

How does it work?

IPL treatments use high intensity pulses of broadband light. It is a non-ablative treatment, which means that it doesn’t do any damage to the surface of the skin. It works by delivering intense pulsed light to deeper areas of the skin (the dermis) and leaves the superficial aspect of the skin (the epidermis) untouched.

Who is a candidate for IPL?

IPL is suitable for anyone who has areas of the skin with dark spots, age spots, sun damage, and rosacea. It also has indications for fine lines and wrinkles, red complexion, acne scars, and large pores. IPL tends to work best on patients with a light to medium complexion, who do not have severe sun damage.

Is it safe?

IPL is one of the safest light-based treatments on the market. The procedure causes little to no pain during or after treatment, and any side effects on the skin usually vanish within a few hours and up to a few days after the treatment.

Complications are minimized to blistering of the skin which disappears in a few days, or in more severe cases, discoloration of the skin, which is normally limited to extremely dark skin tones where IPL may not have been suitable in the first place

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Is it painful?

IPL causes little to no pain. Regardless, we will apply numbing cream to the area being treated to provide a pleasant and pain-free experience.

How long does IPL take?

The length of a procedure is determined by how large the area being treated is, but most procedures will take about 30 minutes to one-hour total. Patients usually spend about 10 minutes with their numbing cream on before starting IPL to ensure a pleasant and pain free experience. A full face treatment takes only 10-15 minutes. Since you can apply make-up right after, IPL can be done on your lunch break or in the morning before you start your day since it’s such a quick procedure and requires zero downtime!