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Bio-Stria is a luxury beauty and lifestyle brand

Bio-Stria is a luxury beauty and lifestyle brand inspired by the nature of Banff, Alberta.

The irrepressible star's tireless team of beauty buffs, skincare savants, scientists, and researchers use scientifically-advanced technology synergized with timeless, consummate organic bio-active ingredients to create the next-generation, results-driven skincare.

The burgeoning beauty brand features the soon-to-be-cult-classic, Luxurious Toning Oil, the gentle, but deep-cleansing and body-buffing Organic Body Polish, the skin-smoothing and curve-contouring Body Butter, and the best stretch mark treatment to rock your own personal red carpet!

Brenda personally formulated her Bio-Stria treatment and all her other products alongside the best cosmetic chemist,  - the genius mastermind behind some of the industry’s most innovative, legendary products EVER.

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