Beauty Secrets By Bio-Stria Certification, is the hottest new concept in the multi-billion dollar wellness and beauty industry and is expanding rapidly across the globe!

We are the world's experts in complete stretch mark removal - Bio-Stria! Become certified today! Deliver real results to your clients!

Are you passionate about wellness and beauty? Do you want to start a spa or a beauty clinic and don’t know where to start? Do you have a beauty clinic, a spa or a medical clinic but don’t know the ropes for this industry? Relax, Bio-Stria certification is providing you with all the information and guidance needed to grow your business.

That’s the simple idea behind the success of Bio-Stria. Our brand is leading the way in the wellness and beauty industry with our unique clinic concept.

Is the industry promising?

In case you didn’t know, the revenue for the wellness and beauty industry is growing very fast. In 2017 alone the industry had garnered $17 billion in revenue. Unlike decades back when people didn’t value the importance of beauty creams, make-up or spa, today people are embracing the wellness and beauty procedures to satisfy their desires. People appreciate themselves more today than before.



Why choose us

In this industry, your focus should be to solve a problem for the customer.

Bio-Stria has more than 15 years experience in the market and has a better understanding of what the consumer needs, who the consumer is and where the right consumers are.

Bio-Stria has a brand product that provides a 100% solution to the stretch marks issue affecting women, teenagers, bodybuilders, and expectant mothers. When you read through the reviews given by people who used the Bio-Stria kit you can tell the company provides the right solution to those in need.

A Bio-Stria Certification can transform your practice! The world's only stretch mark removal system that completely erases stretch marks. Can you imagine?

Signing up for the Bio-Stria certification means a successful journey to the lucrative beauty industry.  

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Email: info@biostria.com



Site selection is important when starting a business and it is crucial you select a locality where your customers frequent the most. Bio-Stria has made your work easier by choosing prime AAA locations Worldwide. You don’t need to worry about site selection, lease negotiation, equipping, merchandising,  turn-key setup, complete design and build out because the fee you pay will cover training on everything.

To join the certification program, you need to pay an upfront fee to the central office. The payment varies depending on what type of business you are into, and it can be +/- $5500.

What’s in the certification package?

  • Get permission to use our Bio-Stria trademark and operating system to establish your new business.
  • Initial training for you and your partner
  • A confidential operating manual.
  • Installation of relevant software.
  • You have an option to get training before or on the grand opening period.
You also get to enjoy our discounted products for wholesale purchases.

  • 10 Bio-Stria Treatments 
  • 10 Bio-Idra 5-50ml 5-30ml
  • 10 Coffee Scrub "Get Naked"
  • 10 Cellulite Body Butter 'Indulge Me"
  • 10 Cellulite Soap 
  • 10 Sugar Scrub " Essential"
  • 10 Body Butter "Luv Factor"
  • 10 Body Butter "Butteraza"
  • 10 Stretch Marks Soap 
  • 10 Stretch Marks Soap 
  • 10 Vitamin C Serum
  • 12 Dermaroller's 
  • 1 Hot Cab
  • 10 Bio-Stria Gloves 
  • 10 Portfolio Bio-Stria
  • 1 Pair of Virtual Headset 
  • 1 360 Camera Theta V 
  • 1 Retractable banner 
  • 50 Rack Card
  • 100 Business Card
  • 5 pens 
  • 2 Baseball Hat 
  • 20 After Care “ post card”
  • 1 Poster 
  • 2 Coffee Mug's


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