About Us

About Us

As founder of Bio-Stria® it seems almost unbelievable that a thing I did over a decade ago has now become a nationally-recognized business venture! Starting from the ground up and working long hours around my dining room table and bed raising 2 wonderful boys, Bio-Stria started with an stubborn patient of mine that wanted my invention to get rid of her stretch marks, I wasn't ready at all and has grown into a brand offering high-quality, easy-to-use products.

With simplicity in mind, I continually strive to create innovative solutions that can be used by women with all skin tones and skin types. In 2019 I am studying with an accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School. My Goal is to be able to develop my complete line my self and do video's.


The name? Bio-Stria®?
Bio: Our 100% Natural Ingredients.
Stria: Latin name of a stretch mark is STRIAE so i just took off the E and Bio-Stria was trademark, I came up with this in the middle of the night in my bed! medical word striae distensae.

The women behing it Brenda! Single Mom, born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I now live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I was ready to wear my bikini after 2 pregnancy,
but my loose skin on my stomach and my stretch marks
all over my butt and legs.....made me lose my confidence and self esteem.

Oh it was not pretty! I was hiding a lot avoiding social events and my sex life was terrible i use to wear a long T -Shirt until my knees ;( After my invention i now wear my bikini i don't hide and my self esteem is back on track!