At Bio-Stria, helping you start your business is our business.

The cosmetic industry has changed with the rising demands for products that can improve individual looks and appearance. How can you tell the market is growing? It is by the way the cosmetic industry is increasing its’ revenue fast by introducing or creating products and procedures that will help solve the demands of clients.

The global market grew by an estimate of 4% in 2016 in comparison to the previous year. When analysing cosmetic products based on their market value, the skin care products contributes the highest revenue of 36%.

Why should you be our distributor?

According to the research carried out by the statista researchers, it is evident you are in the right industry since the market growing since it began and there are no relapses. If you happen to look at youtube, many people are looking for solutions to their stretch marks. Why should you get our products?

  • You will provide a solution for your clients.
  • We sell our products at a discounted rate to all who buy in bulk.
  • You will help a person lead a healthy lifestyle that isn’t restrictive.
  • You make a profit and create jobs for others.

Who are we offering our wholesale services to?


Any cosmetology clinic can purchase all of our products at a discounted rate.


You can choose to buy our products and resell it to cosmetic clinics at a reasonable amount. We don’t dictate your price you can sell the products at your price range.

Why choose us?

We understand starting a business can sometimes be hard and we did put that factor into consideration. We have various packages to suit everyone’s needs, and you can start with the smallest package and increase as you grow your distribution business.

Based on the review given by our esteemed consumers, we can assure you of return on investment in a short time. Let’s do business by visiting us on our physical address, email or call us.

We offer different levels of distribution and start-up packages designed to fit any budget and capabilities. Bio-Stria® Distributors are guaranteed to have their full investment returned in a short period of time