Can weight loss cause stretch marks?

Can weight loss cause stretch marks?

Weight gain affects the self-esteem of some people until they don't have the confidence to have fun. Apart from health issues, having excess pounds might prevent you from enjoying time with friends and family. Being overweight prevents you from wearing some clothes worn by skinny individuals since you can’t fit or look good in them.

Weight gain brings about stretch marks but what you didn’t know is, losing weight rapidly also causes stretch marks. Are you confused? To elaborate more on this claim continue reading on how this happens.

Other causes of stretch marks

There are a couple of reasons why you have those pink, purplish or reddish streaks on your thighs, buttocks, upper arm, stomach or breast. Every person has different reasons why they have stretch marks and identify the cause is essential as finding the treatment.

Can weight loss cause stretch marks?

Pregnancy, puberty, weight gain, bodybuilding, medication, weight loss, and some diseases are known to cause the appearance of stretch marks. You might doubt this fact, but weight loss does cause stretch marks and also makes old stretch marks worst.

How weight loss cause stretch marks

It is known when you gain weight rapidly your skin overstretches causing the skin tissues inside to break leading to stretch marks. With weight loss it is different if you lose weight very fast for example when you cut more than 2 lb of weight in a week will result in stretch marks.

During weight loss, the body produces a particular hormone that affects the production of collagen. Collagen is known to prevent skin breaking during growth spurts. If it's production isn't as desired the skin react by tearing from the inside leading to stretch marks.

When you have stretch marks during weight gain, they appear further from each other. When you lose weight, they move closer to each other making them seem as if they are many.

Preventing stretch marks caused by weight loss

Stretch marks are preventable especially if you know why they are forming.

Eating healthy

Can weight loss cause stretch marks?

Poor eating disorders mostly cause weight gain. By eating healthy foods that contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fewer carbohydrates will prevent you from gaining weight fast. When you restrict your body from gaining weight, you’ll not need to worry about the formation of stretch marks due to weight loss. For you to want to lose weight, you must have gained weight.

It doesn’t mean because you are pregnant you are supposed to eat everything that comes your way. You can discipline yourself by eating the required amount of food and prevent sudden growth spurts.

Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial, and you can achieve this by drinking much water. Dry skin is susceptible to breaking than moist and hydrated skin.

If you need to lose weight, it is advisable to do it at a slow pace that a rapid one to help the old scars heal slowly.

Use the right creams.

Creams containing corticosteroid affects collagen production in the body. Creams such as cocoa butter and other oils help to keep your skin moist and not necessarily eliminate stretch marks.
You can also use an aftercare cream that constitutes all natural ingredients. It prevents the occurrence of stretch marks by providing your skin with the crucial vitamins and minerals.

Treatment options

There are a lot of creams and lotions that claim to treat and heal stretch marks out there. According to Dr. Susan Evans, a health and beauty expert, the only way to eliminate stretch marks is by surgical procedures such as;


It involves administering anesthesia to numb the skin before an exfoliating instrument is used to remove the layer of skin that is affected. It is an outpatient procedure, and you need not be in the hospital to heal. However, this procedure is costly and yields little to no results.

Laser treatment

In this type of therapy, a beam of light is directed on the affected part of the skin to remove the layer. It is also a costly procedure, and not everyone can afford or benefit from it.

Fractional laser treatment

It focuses its attention on stimulating the skin to regenerate and replace the old skin tissues that have stretch marks and blemishes. Fractional laser treatment is costly and doesn’t eliminate stretch marks.

Tummy Tucks

It is restrictive and works for those stretch marks situated on the stomach. It doesn’t offer a 100% effectiveness. Tummy tuck treatment involves removal of the affected layer of skin to achieve a smooth finish. It is a surgical procedure and not the best option for those who don’t prefer surgical treatment.

The best non-surgical treatment

Though many doctors believe there are no effective non-surgical treatments for stretch marks, there is one. Using organic or naturally sourced ingredients to correct any health concerns or cosmetic issues is the safest and best option anyone can use.

Naturally, sourced ingredients don’t contain harmful compounds that may affect the general health of an individual unless you have an allergy or a specific natural component. A treatment plan that is all-around; Is used by everyone, is the best treatment plan.

You don’t want to invest your money where you don’t get the benefits. Surgical procedures are costly and yield not many results. Today you are going to get the best product that you’ll not get anywhere else but here.

A treatment plan that is tested and proven to be effective in removing stretch marks by 100% with less to no side effects is the best treatment. The good thing about this treatment is it is made from all natural ingredients and is mild on the skin.

You can use the treatment on all parts of the body that has stretch marks EXCEPT the breast. What is this treatment? Bio-Stria home kit treatment plan.


Can weight loss cause stretch marks?

Although stretch marks don’t pose any health risks, they do affect your confidence and self-esteem. Some people care less about them, and they don’t let the appearance of stretch marks come into their way of life. For others, they become self-conscious when stretch marks start to appear, and this eventually affects their social life. Bio-stria range of stretch marks removal has come for those who want to restore their confidence by eliminating stretch marks.

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