Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

When you are searching for information on whether you can get rid of stretch marks you get a lot of negative results. You have tried many home remedies, lotions, creams or oils that claim to make stretch marks go away but in vain. Now you are even wondering do stretch marks go away?

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

Yes, there is much clinical treatment for stretch marks which are quite costly and inconvenient. Being on a budget and not able to raise money for these kinds of treatment, means you’ll have to accept your situation, but this isn’t necessary anymore.

Bio-Stria will help you make stretch marks go away entirely at a pocket-friendly price. Before you learn how Bio-Stria eliminates stretch marks it is crucial to determine more about stretch marks down below.

How do you get stretch marks?

Stretch marks can appear on the skin of anybody regardless the age or gender. Some people are more at risk of getting stretch marks than others and here are some of the factors making you vulnerable stretch marks.

Growth spurt

A growth spurt commonly happens in teenagers when they reach puberty stage. Puberty is characterised by several body changes such as the development of reproductive hormones, physical changes and psychological changes.

The arrival of reproductive hormones and physical changes are the key to stretch marks developing in an adolescent. These changes in the body alter the metabolism of fibroblasts which is an essential component in the production of collagen and elastin tissues.

When skin elasticity is compromised stretch marks start to form due to tears in the skin.


Testosterone is a hormone found in men, and it levels peaks during the early adulthood stage and decreases as a person gets older.

Testosterone plays a role in the growth of tissues and muscles. At times some bodybuilders use steroid hormones to increase testosterone levels in the body to achieve rapid muscle mass.

The rapid increase of muscles causes the dermis and epidermis to expand at a rate it can’t handle and as a result skin breaks and stretch marks form. Stretch marks appear on the upper arm, shoulder and back of some bodybuilders.


Pregnancy lasts for approximately 40 weeks, and during this period the fetus is developing and growing bigger each month. It is the rapid expansion of the uterus (to accommodate the growing fetus) that results in skin stretching past its expansion limit and tearing.

Stretch marks are commonly on the stomach area during pregnancy, but you should also note that not all pregnant mothers suffer from stretch marks.  


There are medical conditions that affect the production of collagen resulting in the skin becoming thin and vulnerable to tears even with a slight stretch. Marfan’s, Cushing’s and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are some of the common diseases causing stretch marks.


Stretch marks are seen in a few of those who use contraceptives, corticosteroids or chemotherapy. These medicines cause the skin to thin and easily tears with a slight stretch. When you stop using these medications skin returns to normalcy and stretch mark formation halts.

The striae formed due to medicine wouldn’t disappear, and you’ll need a remedy to eliminate them.

Treatments for stretch marks

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

There is a couple of striae treatment available in the market, but there are very few that gives satisfactory results. Most of the procedures reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but there’s one treatment that eliminates stretch marks at 100% within a short period.

Before you learn about this fantastic product it is crucial you learn about the other treatments so you can make the right choice of treatment.


Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystal sprayed on the skin with stretch marks then massaged to remove the dead top layer of the skin. The massaging and dead skin removal stimulates the production of collagen which in turn performs cell regeneration.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy uses light to enter deep into the skin and awakens the fibroblast to manufacture collagen and elastin for skin renewal and healing. The beam of light have different strength and the strength used is determined with the severity of the stretch marks.

Laser therapy used can either be ablative which eliminates the dead skin cells on the surface or non-ablative where the light beam focuses on the stimulation of collagen production.

Topical creams

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

Retinoid is a compound found in most stretch marks removal creams. Retinoid is vitamin A which penetrates the skin and triggers production of elastic fibres and collagen for new cell growth.

Retinoid might be a promising topical stretch mark removal cream but remember the vitamin A in it isn’t natural but synthesised. If you are strictly organic, this treatment isn’t the best option for you, and you can experience side effects with its use.


A tummy tuck is the mostly used invasive surgical procedure for getting rid of stretch marks on the abdomen. The tummy tuck isn’t the best option to make stretch marks go away in every part of your body since it requires you have some excess skin which can be tucked away to hide the striae.

Home remedies

Home remedies that you can try are there, but nothing beats this home remedy, Bio-Stria 100% stretch mark removal kit. Bio-Stria kit consists of a seven-step application process with seven different organic ingredients.

Since the founder of Bio-Stria had tried different home remedies without satisfactory results, she decided to combine the treatment processes, and the results were terrific. She started seeing results in just two weeks of use, and she knew this was a deal breaker.

There are many women, teenagers and men who wish to eliminate their stretch marks in a very natural way but they have not found the best home remedy. Relax, because Bio-Stria got you covered since it is one of the first organic stretch mark removal treatment in the beauty market.

Unless you are allergic to certain ingredients, Bio-Stria is safe for use even in teenagers because of the mild and active ingredients used. It is vital you get in touch with the esthetician at Bio-Stria before the commencement of treatment to identify the cause of your stretch marks.


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