How a growth spurt in puberty cause stretch marks

How a growth spurt in puberty cause stretch marks


A growth spurt is a healthy body process that happens mostly in young children and those who are in the puberty stage. When a child isn’t growing at a very slow rate compared to other children of the same age, it becomes an alarming issue.

Though a growth spurt is a sign of good health in puberty, it does bring along with them symptoms which are not so pleasing. Stretch marks are one of the ugliest signs of growth spurts, and though they aren’t a health concern, they can affect the self-esteem of a teenager.

Understanding more of what growth spurt is will equip you with the know-how of how the stretch marks develop during a growth spurt.

What is a growth spurt?

A growth spurt in adolescent or teenagers is defined by two variables, increase in weight and height. Unlike small children who have shorter growth spurt intervals, teenagers are likely to have two growth spurts before they mature entirely.

A growth spurt occurs at different ages for both boys and girls, but the average ages are as follows;

  • A growth spurt in girls occurs on average between age 10-14 years.
  • In boys, it is between age 12-15 years.

According to the above information, girls grow faster than boys, and it is a regular occurrence.

Does everyone go through a growth spurt?

A growth spurt is common in kids and adolescent. It isn’t a bad sign to have growth spurts because it is part of growing up and you should be happy rather than be discouraged.

In children, a growth spurt does not present with the same signs as in adolescent. Kids rarely have stretch marks, and that is why you should not compare yourself with children who are going through a growth spurt when you are going through a growth spurt caused by hormonal changes and the likes.

The relationship between growth-spurt and stretch marks

How a growth spurt in puberty cause stretch marks


A growth spurt is the rapid increase in weight and height during puberty in adolescent development. The rapid growth increase does not coincide with the rate of collagen production which is responsible for skin elasticity.

The epidermis gets its’ elasticity from the dermis. Collagen is manufactured by the dermis, and it takes a series of stages before the formation of collagen. The epidermis which is the outer skin is more elastic than the dermis, and when the dermis stretches past its’ limit, it breaks, and stretch marks forms.

When the skin expands during a growth spurt, the dermis in many cases can’t handle it and breaks to accommodate the increase in weight.   

Is it possible to eliminate stretch marks caused by a growth spurt?

Most people believe stretch marks are a permanent occurrence and that is why some individuals advocate for accepting them. Why should you live with stretch marks when you can eliminate them?
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