How exfoliating gloves aids in eliminating stretch marks

How exfoliating gloves aids in eliminating stretch marks

The skin is the largest organ on your body and the most important in protecting the inner structures of the body from the harsh environmental conditions. Lipids, proteins, fat, various minerals, chemicals and water come together to form the skin. The working mechanism of your skin changes as you grow old and production of crucial components such as collagen is hindered.

Why is it necessary to exfoliate?

When you are young, the skin regenerates, and dead skin is easily removed by regular washing with soap and water. The dead cells accumulate on the skin surface due to slowed body working processes when you age which causes skin blemishes.

Dead cells are usually deposited on the stratum corneum, and the best way to remove these cells is by exfoliation. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the outer surface of the skin by use of mechanical or chemical methods.

Different types of exfoliation

Exfoliation is divided into two major groups that are the mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation

In this type of exfoliation chemicals such as alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid are used to remove dead skin. The chemical exfoliants are in most cases in peels form, and they are applied on the skin surface and left for some minutes to loosen the dead skin cells which become more accessible to remove with a simple wipe.

Chemical exfoliants can be water soluble like AHAs, and this means the exfoliant doesn’t penetrate inside the skin but works on the surface of the skin. You can also have beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) which is oil based exfoliants that penetrate inside the skin structures and work their way out.

Mechanical exfoliation

How exfoliating gloves aids in eliminating stretch marks

Mechanical exfoliation is a common and most affordable way of removing dead skin cells using products that are easily accessible. It is a form of exfoliation commonly used at home and the spas. The mechanical method consists of microfiber gloves, sugar, salt and coffee grounds scrubs.

Though it is a commonly used method, some of it can lead to inflammation due to excessive abrasion. It is vital to know the basics of using these scrubs to obtain the optimal benefit and prevent damaging the skin structures.

Depending on the type of mechanical exfoliant you choose you can exfoliate your skin a daily or weekly basis. Exfoliating gloves are much gentler compared to other forms of mechanical exfoliants, and this article will give you an in-depth knowledge of it and where to buy one.

How do exfoliating gloves exfoliate the skin?

To get the best result with exfoliating gloves, you need to use it together with soap, body shampoo or a cleanser of choice. Put the solvent of choice on the gloves then gently scrub your body with it, and you’ll see dirt and dead skin deposited on the gloves.

What should you look for in exfoliating gloves?

For you to get the most out of your exfoliating gloves, it is necessary you look into the following elements.


Before you select any exfoliating gloves, it is essential you understand your skin better by identifying any possible allergies you have. Avoid gloves made with materials your skin doesn’t like because instead of offering solutions you’ll be adding more problems which might be discouraging to manage.

Do a patch test on a small area on your skin to rule out any possibilities of allergies.


It all depends on and where you want to use the exfoliating gloves. An exfoliating glove meant for the legs is a bit rougher than one that is purposely for the body and face. Some gloves are made for a specific part of your body while others are made to cater both the legs and the body.

Are exfoliating gloves gentle enough to use daily?

Exfoliating gloves come in a different texture, and if a glove is a course it is advisable to use it once in a week but if it is less course you can use it twice a week. The number of times you need to use exfoliating gloves is dictated with its’ texture.

How does exfoliation eliminate stretch marks?

You might be asking yourself what the science is behind exfoliating stretch marks? You need to understand a lot of research was conducted before it was declared exfoliating is helpful to the skin generally.

Blood circulation

When you are using the gloves on your skin, you move it gently in a particular motion, and this encourages blood flow under your skin. Blood replenishes the skin with required minerals and vitamins which promotes regeneration of skin cells.

Dead skin cells

Since it is natural for the skin to regenerate it is also important not to allow the dead skin to accumulate on the surface of the skin as it clogs pores. When you exfoliate your skin regeneration of skin is encouraged, and essential nutrients aren’t blocked from entering the skin and performing its’ intended course.

How to get the best results from exfoliation

If you don’t practice healthy exfoliation techniques, you might end up making your stretch marks even worse. Here are some of the critical factors to consider when exfoliating.


Hydrating the skin should be from the inside as well as the outside. Drinking enough water will help keep your skin moisten from the inside, and when you have done the exfoliating, it is also vital you use a moisturizer. The surface is stripped of the natural oils and becomes dry, and you should use a moisturizer immediately after an exfoliation.

Be gentle

The exfoliating glove is made out of somehow rougher material than your hands, and you should be careful when scrubbing your skin with it. When you clean your skin like a pan, you might end up damaging your skin and the reason why you should go slow when scrubbing with an exfoliating cloth.

As you age your body working mechanisms starts to slow down, and this includes the skin regeneration process. To help your skin perform its work you have to exfoliate the dead skin deposited on the skin surface to give way to the healthy new cells. Bio-Stria understands the health importance of exfoliating and that is why they have the solution, Bio-Stria exfoliating gloves. Made from natural fiber the gloves will remove all the dead skin on the surface and pave the way for nutrients to get into the skin. The glove is an essential component in the treatment plan of stretch marks removal.

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