How stretch marks affects the self-esteem

How stretch marks affects the self-esteem

At times people have a feeling of self-doubt and not confidence in a task they do if they are doing it for the first time. Lack of confidence once in a while is healthy, but you have to overcome these feelings over time. When you can’t grow over your self-esteem issues early, it affects your psychological as well as social life.


In simpler term self-esteem is one's belief about themselves. The stated beliefs can either be negative or positive. A person with low self-esteem likes to compare themselves with others, and if in any case, they are not like the person they are corresponding to, self-unworthiness presents.

Who is most affected by low self-esteem?

Self-esteem is an all-around state that affects people in all stages of life. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, but it depends on how much you value yourself. Low self-esteem arises due to several elements depending on each.

  • Childhood experiences where parents demoralised a child.
  • Chronic medical conditions.
  • Life events and body change for example during puberty and pregnancy.
  • Mental conditions.
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance.

How does low self-esteem affect life?

Low self-esteem influences all aspects of life, and if a solution isn’t met on time, it may lead to destructive actions. When a person develops stretch marks self-esteem starts to decrease. Stretch marks aren’t beautiful, and they appear like tiger stripes making your skin look ugly. Here is how stretch marks influence a persons' self-esteem.

  • Creates fear. A sociable person who engaged in social activities like swimming will not want to participate in such activities once the stretch marks start to form. A person might fear how other people will react to the stretch marks so they avoid any event that might force them to show their stretch marks.
  • Depression might be experienced. Since stretch marks force an individual to avoid activities they enjoyed doing, they become depressed thinking about it and why it had to happen to them.

How stretch marks affects the self-esteem

  • Unproductive. When a person is depressed, he/she may not have the willpower to work or do anything, and this might cause unproductivity. Depression is the sole reason for not having the interest to work, and it may lead to poverty since you don’t deliver as required and end up losing a job or important clients.

How to deal with low self-esteem caused by stretch marks

To revive the self-confidence of an individual is important and finding a solution to the problem at hand is the best cure remedy. When stretch marks appear, they are more visible, but as they grow old, they start to diminish.

Stretch marks don’t usually disappear completely, and there are those who remain. Learning to accept them is one of the solutions to living a healthy social life, but this doesn’t work with everyone.

Stretch marks can be eliminated using different procedures such as microdermabrasion (which involves exfoliating the skin surface using specific ingredients), micro needling, laser therapy, and cosmetic surgery. These methods might not be affordable to everyone, and that is why Bio-Stria was formulated for those who can’t afford the other procedures.

Before Bio-Stria was introduced to the market, Brenda ensured the product was safe by using natural ingredients that are mild on your skin yet effective in eliminating striae.

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