How to clear stretch marks in teens

How to clear stretch marks in teens

Being a parent to a teenager isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you are a parent to a teenager, you know very well what it means to deal with one. You’ll never predict what will happen next and you are always alert and ready for the unexpected.

If you are raising a teenager for the first time, you might get frustrated and think your child is being spoilt or something. But what you didn’t know is that these teenagers you see with mood swings, one time they are happy and the other they are sad, doesn’t mean they are doing it on purpose.

The changes in their body are throwing every emotion out of order. Before you even know how you can correct the stretch marks appearing on your teenager child, it is essential to learn a little bit about the changes that occur during this process.

Hormones affecting physical changes in adolescent

Many physical changes are occurring during this crucial stage in a child's life. Not all children enter teenagehood at the same age, and it might vary with each child. Every person has a different genetic makeup, and that is why one child will start adolescent at age 7 and another at age 15. The process begins this way.

When the body is ready for a change, the brain sends the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) to the pituitary gland. The GnRH work is to stimulate the pituitary gland to release another two hormones known as the Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

The release of these two hormones happens in both boys and girls. The two hormones travel to the reproductive organs to assist in the development and maturity of the eggs and sperms. In girls, another hormone called estrogen works together with the other two.

The hormones will make the teens grow fast in height and weight. Girls, in this case, will experience a rapid growth spurt around the hips, butt, thighs, and breast. The rapid increase in pressure is the one causing stretch marks appearing.

Collagen is an essential component in the skin, and it provides the skin with elasticity. It not like the collagen isn’t present in a teenagers skin, but the rapid increase in weight isn’t going hand in hand with the collagen production.

How teenage psychology works

Before a child enters the adolescent stage, they still depend on their parents for every decision making. What they wear, when to go to bed and the friends they should have are some of the decisions a parent makes for their young children.

All these changes the moment a child goes into another stage (puberty). Not only does the child matures physically but psychologically. The hormonal changes in the body bring about changes in emotions and the child experiences mood swings, especially in girls.

They become self-conscious of everything happening to them. Teens mostly seek assurance and affirmation in everything they experience and do. When teens have a change that seems to jeopardise how they look, they become frustrated and even depressed.

Some changes such as the appearance of stretch marks may lead to demoralisation. The teenager might not want to engage in social activities such as swimming because she doesn’t want anyone seeing the tiger stripes on her butt, hips or thighs.

The relationship between stretch marks and self-esteem in teens


Puberty is the time when most teenagers want to wear anything and engage in social activities such as swimming. If they aren’t confident with themselves, it becomes hard for them to interact with their peers.

Stretch marks can influence the confidence of adults the same as teenagers. According to Maries Southard Ospina of Bustle, it is okay to have stretch marks and instead of worrying you should embrace and accept them.

Learning to accept stretch marks might not work with each teenager and finding a solution to eliminate them could be the best way. For those who can’t stand the sight of stretch marks, you don’t need to embrace them because Bio-Stria stretch removal kit is here for you.

I created this product unknowingly it would work, and after trying it worked on myself, I couldn’t believe it works. The stretch marks on my body disappeared within two weeks of using the product.

Bio-stria is entirely natural since its’ ingredients come from plant species that are safe on the skin. The results are 100% when you use it as required, and the price is affordable. If you have used a lot of money to clear your stretch marks but in vain you can rest assured with Bio-stria since it is proven to work.

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