How to prevent stretch marks in 5 easy way

How to prevent stretch marks in 5 easy way

It is everybody’s wish to retain their skin texture throughout their life, but body changes during pregnancy, puberty, and lifestyle changes will not allow. Stretch marks are a result of body changes especially in expectant mothers, adolescent, bodybuilders, weight gainers and a few percentages in those on medication that stimulates its’ appearance.

Stretch marks don’t physically impact your health, but to some extent, it can affect your psychological health. Doreen Ching is a mother of quadruplets and after the pregnancy stretch marks were left all over her stomach.

When she decided to share a picture of her tiger stripes, she got mixed reactions. Some of the comments were encouraging, but the negative comments are the ones that were demoralizing. Immediately after birth she looked at the scars on her stomach and felt sad to the point of crying. She took time for her to accept the present situation.

Reasons why your stretch marks are getting worst

Maybe you just had your baby, and the stretch marks are worse now than when you were expecting, or you were overweight, and after losing some pounds, the stretch marks became prominent than when you were plump.

It might be confusing as to why they increase when they are supposed to decrease. Yes, it is true when your skin stretches very fast beyond its’ elastic limit, it starts breaking from within and presents as stretch mark scars on the surface.

But did you know when your skin stretches out the stretch marks appear far from each other? In the case when you lose weight, or you deliver a baby the skin bounces back, and the stretch marks are now close to one another making them look like they have increased in number.

Five steps to prevent stretch marks

You can prevent stretch marks by religiously practicing the steps below. These steps might not work for everyone due to varied reasons such as genetics. If you have stretch marks due to family history, then it can be hard to prevent them.


How to prevent stretch marks in 5 easy way

Water is essential in the body and is needed for all the body process. The Journal of biological chemistry published a study report conducted by H.H. Mitchell which stated that water contributed 60% of the skin.

Water is vital in regulating body temperature especially when the temperatures are high. The skin secretes to cool off and avoid the surface from drying. Drying makes the skin susceptible to tears even with a slight stretch.

Mineral, vitamins, and nutrients require water for their absorption. By drinking the required water intake allowance daily, you are promoting healthy skin and preventing skin related disorder.


Human skin can correct damages caused by UV radiations, but when the exposure exceeds the limits, it becomes harder for the surface to handle the work. The sun produces two types of emissions that are UVB and UVA.

You might think you are safe from Ultraviolet rays from the sun because you don’t stand in the sun but what you didn’t know is the UVA rays can pass through glass. In other words, if you stand near a closed window where the sun’s rays can pass through you are at risk of getting sun-related skin problems.

According to studies, the UV radiations alters the normal functioning of the skin by weakening the collagen and elastin. Collagen provides the skin with enough elasticity which prevents the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

It is crucial to use moisturizing creams throughout the day that contain sunscreen. Providing your skin with protection from the sun by wearing an effective sunscreen will prevent the skin from sunburns as well as the appearance of stretch marks.

Eat right

How to prevent stretch marks in 5 easy way

When planning your daily meals, it is vital you put your skin into consideration. Incorporating foods rich in collagen will help your skin have enough elastin to accommodate stretches caused by an increase due to body changes.

Antioxidants work by preventing oxidation of free radicals within and outside the body. When free radicals oxidize they become harmful and cause cancer to some extent. By adding foods rich in antioxidants like strawberries, kidney beans, cranberries, blackberries and

Reduce sugar intake

Advanced glycation end products(AGEs) are as a result of sugars combining with protein molecules. In essence, AGEs are artificially produced inside the body when you consume food that contains processed sugars such as sweets, pre-packed foods, and sodas.

AGEs attach itself to the collagen and elastin weakening them and making the skin susceptible to breakage. When the surface is weak, it can’t withstand even a slight regular stretch and end up tearing.

It is crucial you limit or eliminates processed sugars in your diet to keep your skin healthy and active. This step might not work for everyone especially if the cause of stretch marks is hereditary or medication.

You can also inhibit AGEs by consuming foods like wheat germ, oatmeal, brown rice, oranges, dark leafy greens, and papaya. You can get vitamins B1, and B6 from these foods and studies show they can inhibit the function of AGEs in a human body.


Have you ever felt itchy on the thighs, hips or even bottoms? There’s a likelihood your skin is stretching on those areas, and there is not enough moisture to prevent your skin from breaking.

When the skin is dry and not moistened it tends to break even with a slight increase in size. If you have ever tried applying a moisturizing cream whenever your skin itches you know it soothes and calms the itching.

Doreen was able to embrace her stretch marks and live with it but there are those who can’t get used to them, and they may end up with psychological issues and to some extent depressed. It because of those who are battling with self-esteem due to stretch marks that Bio-Stria was invented.

The person behind the birth of Bio-Stria couldn’t live with the stretch marks and had to try out many ingredients until found the right combination. It was a trial and era experiment which brought out tremendous results.

If your stretch marks are coming in the way of your life and want to get rid of them, you should invest in a proper stretch mark removal treatment. A treatment that will eliminate the stripes caused by stretch marks giving you back the beautiful skin you once had before their arrival.

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