How to remove stretch marks completely?

How to remove stretch marks completely?

Not every woman is like Jameela Jamil who views her stretch marks as a healthy and beautiful thing. Let the truth be told people are different and react differently to the unusual situation. It is hard you try and convince an individual to accept her stretch marks when her motive is to eliminate them.

If the beauty industry assumed people would learn to love their flaws and don’t come up with a solution, then most women in this world would not be happy. Bio-Stria cares for those few who want an answer for the stretch marks they provide you with all the relevant information to start you off with your treatment.

Types of stretch marks

Stretch marks commonly appear on the thighs, butt, stomach, back(male), breast(women), back, upper arm and shoulders. Striae also called stretch marks classification is on the causative agent and appearance. Understanding which type of striae you have will help you target the cause and get adequate treatment.

Striae gravidarum

This type of stretch marks affects the pregnant women, and not all expectant mothers get stretch marks, but you are at risk of getting stretch marks if,

  • You have a history of stretch marks in your family
  • You are younger than the average childbearing age
  • Weight gain in the pre-pregnancy and pre-deliver is on the higher side
  • Their birth weight was higher

According to research carried out by the NIH, there was a 47% success rate in the treatment of striae gravidarum using topical treatments.

Striae atrophicans

Atrophicans are purple and can approximately measure 10cm by 1.8cm(length by width). These stretch marks develop due to induction by prolonged application of high potency steroid on the skin. Steroids penetrate the skin and inhibit collagen and elastic fibers production by the fibroblasts.

Elastic and collagen fibers are the reason why your skin can stretch without tearing and when their production is compromised the skin loses its support and becomes vulnerable to tears in the dermis through to epidermis.

Striae rubrae

When stretch marks start to form they present with a red or purplish color, and at this stage they are referred to as Striae rubrae. In simple terms Striae, rubrae is new stretch marks that are easily treated.

On the other hand Striae, Alba is silverish or whitish, and they are stretch marks which have lasted for a long time. This type of stretch marks takes longer than the Striae rubrae to eliminate.

Striae distensae

Striae distensae is the common term for stretch marks in general, and this is further classified into two that is Striae rubrae and Striae albae. In this case, your stretch marks can either have stretch marks that lie perpendicular to the skin tension and appear stretched and red(Striae rubrae) or those that look wrinkled, whitish in color and atrophic(Striae albae).

Striae caerulea and Striae nigra

These two types of stretch marks are classified based on the skin color of an individual. Both of them affect people with darker skin, those who have more melanin and appear dark-grey(nigrae) or dark blue(caerulea).

How do you remove stretch marks?

Everyone is different; there are those people who love their bodies and become very depressed when a scratch or a rash appears on their skin while there are those who don’t care and to some extent don’t notice any flaws when they are on their skin.

How is this related to stretch marks? As other people might not be affected with stretch marks appearance, there are those who would do everything to get rid of them. Stretch marks treatments were made for those who don’t have the confidence to flaunt them without feeling embarrassed.


Naturally, when you accidentally cut yourself with a sharp object, the skin acts by producing more collagen to close the cut and repair the damage. The same concept is used in this type of treatment only that a derma roller that has very tiny needles is used to poke the skin to induce collagen production.

You might need several treatments of micro needling to eliminate the stretch marks scar depending on the type of stretch marks you have.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is divided into ablative and non-ablative laser treatment. Specialized light from the laser gadget is passed on the skin area where stretch marks are located, and the light penetrates deep into the skin to wake up the collagen production to start the healing process.

Laser therapy isn’t for those people who need immediate results as it takes several session to achieve the best results.


How to remove stretch marks completely?

Tiny crystals are sprayed then rubbed on the skin under local anesthesia. The purpose of dermabrasion is to induce collagen, but this procedure comes with its ugly side. Depending on an individual you might develop side effects such as milia, keloids, bleeding, and skin atrophy.

Tummy tuck

A surgical procedure that focuses on hiding stretch marks by folding excess skin. Though this is one of the best stretch marks removal method, it isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have excess skin, there is no way you are going to have this procedure since it needs the hanging skin like the one you have on your tummy after birth.

Home remedies

Home remedies include organic and over the counter moisturizing creams that are believed to eliminate stretch marks. Some of the home remedies are exfoliating and moisturizing products that you can do at home.

Bio-Stria stretch marks removal kit

After trying many stretch marks options in the market without satisfying results, Brenda(founder) decided to try pure organic ingredients which yielded terrific results on her stretch marks, and this is how Bio-Stria stretch marks removal treatment started.

Bio-Stria is a combined seven step stretch marks treatment kit that eliminates 100% of Striae rubrae and Striae albae. Since the ingredients are all pure organics possibilities of side effects are next to none.

The good thing about Bio-Stria is it provides convenience, and you can get it anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be in the clinic for the treatment to commence because Bio-Stria is an at-home treatment product.

How to remove stretch marks completely

How to remove stretch marks completely? There's only one answer it Bio-Stria it remove the stretch marks at 100%, No more false hope! Get results in 14 day's and love the skin you're in! Be free to wear your bikini and show your amazing body even after your pregnancy. There's many ways to reduce stretch marks but there's only one way to completely remove your stretch marks at 100%. How is it possible Bio-Stria is a deep exfoliating treatment that penetrate the dermis and regenerate the upper lawyer of your skin! 




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