Most effective stretch mark removal cream


Most effective stretch mark removal cream

Most effective stretch mark removal cream

There a lot of skin creams in the market claiming to remove stretch marks but do you know what ingredients you should look for when buying an effective stretch marks removal cream? First, you need to select a cream that has natural ingredients and this because the natural ingredients favor the skin and it is unlikely for the skin to react negatively.

In this article, you’ll find useful information on how to choose the right stretch mark removal cream.

What are the Ingredients

Some of the natural ingredients you should look out for are mentioned below.


Oils have a greasy texture which makes most people avoid them. What you don’t know, is the benefits your skin will gain by using oils. Oils are rich in nutrients that help the skin stay flawless and vibrant.

Oils was a norm in the early days and Egyptians used oils such as moringa to keep their skin looking youthful. According to dermatologists adding an oil to your skin regimen makes it a complete beauty treatment.

Some people think that using oils on the skin will worsen acne and other skin related issues such as clogged pores which isn’t the case. Oils such as jojoba, macadamia, and camellia when applied to the skin they have the potential of attracting grime inside the skin pores to them, and you wash them away as you cleanse.

Oils like grapeseed act as moisturizers because of its permeability nature where it enters the skin and aids in correcting skin patches and dryness. It is the best oil for those individuals who have oily skin as it contains linoleic acid which helps to eliminate clogged pores and reduce the naturally produced oils in the surface.

Others oils such as tamanu contain anti-inflammatory properties where it aids in skin healing. When you use this type of oil on your stretch marks, it will help clear the scar from the inside out and leave the skin smooth.

Oils are different and work differently, and it is, vital you seek professional help before you use an oil on your skin. You might have allergic reactions to some oils and don’t react to others so before you can decide an oil is the best match for your skin do a patch test


Based on the type of skin a person has, it is crucial you select a cream that works best for your skin type. Butter such as macadamia is hypoallergenic meaning it is rare for the skin to have allergic reactions after its’ use and it is non-comedogenic, that is, it doesn’t clog skin pores.

Macadamia butter contains oleic acid and squalene which moisturizes and soften the skin. When skin is moisturized cell division process isn’t disrupted, and this element makes butter such as macadamia the best in maintaining skin health.

Mango butter is another nutrient-rich ingredient in a stretch marks removal cream. Mango seed contains anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and scar repairing properties. If you are looking to prevent or eliminate stretch marks, this is the best butter for you.


Most effective stretch mark removal cream

A cream that is infused with ingredients sourced from herbs and organic plants will provide your skin with a pack of benefits. A perfect example of a herb that you can infuse with oils to reap benefits from it is marigold flowers which have calendula.

Calendula has sunscreen and wound healing properties. When you apply a cream containing calendula on your stretch marks, it will penetrate the skin and repair the broken areas of the skin, and as regeneration takes place, the skin will regain its’ smooth texture.


Oat kernel is a cereal from the grass family which has cleansing properties. Oat kernel removes dirt and oil from the skin revealing a newly refreshed skin complexion. When the surface is clean regeneration process is encouraged.

How will your skin benefit from the ingredients?

Since stretch marks appeared due to over-stretching of the skin and slowed production of collagen within the surface, it is essential to select a stretch mark removal cream that will enrich your skin with the right nutrients.


Hydrating your skin is crucial when you are on a stretch marks removal treatment. Dry skin breaks easily and instead of healing the stretch marks become even worse. A stretch marks removal cream is supposed to give your skin the right moisture content to provide it with the right texture and complexion.


The skin usually breaks from within then portrayed on the surface as a scar which is also known as a stretch mark. Anti-inflammatories, on the other hand, helps in the healing process of the injury and stops itching that is usually experienced in some people.

Sun protection

The UV rays are the enemy of the skin, and when it comes into contact with the surface, it becomes vulnerable to all sorts of skin blemishes. Among the ingredients in the cream, there should be one that protects your skin from the effects of UV radiations.

UV rays activate free radicals inside the skin causing eruptions and sunburns. With cream that offers protection against the UV radiation, you are sure the treatment plan will be a success. UV rays affect the production of collagen and as a result elasticity of the skin is compromised leading to aging.

Collagen is an essential component in the elasticity of skin, and when its' production is disrupted, you become susceptible to skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks.

Where can you get the right cream?

After years of trial and testing, Bio-Idra stretch removal cream is here for you. With all the required ingredients, Bio-Idra gives your skin the right nutrients. The cream is tested and created by a qualified esthetician. You can always seek professional advice before purchasing the cream to be sure if it is the right cream for your skin.

Any treatment plan needs time and patience. You’ll have to give a product time to get incorporated into your skin and start working. Be persistent with a product for you to know if it works. Some products may work faster others slower, and it all depends on your genetic makeup. 

What is the most effective stretch mark cream? It, not a cream it similar to laser and it 100% natural ingredients that remove your unwanted stretch marks at 100%.

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