Most effective stretch mark treatment

Most effective stretch mark treatment


Stretch marks are streaks of lines formed after the skin stretches passed its required limit. Every stretched mark formed on the skin has a story behind it, and the story is either a good one or a disappointing one. Regardless of the cause of your stretch marks, it can affect your life negatively though it is asymptomatic and does not affect your physical health.

Stretch marks coming in the way of life

Grace gave birth to her daughter at the age of 21. Before she had her baby, she was battling with self-acceptance issues then came the stretch marks which shattered her life completely. She believed no man could accept her because of the tiger stripes on her stomach and thighs.

It is because of the flaws the stretch marks had created on the skin she made bad relationship decisions. She went on to have a relationship with men who had flaws like her because she assumed they would understand her better than those who were flawless.

Making wrong decisions

Was she happy? No. she became even depressed more because she was in a relationship not because she loved the other person but she compromised, and that led to her taking in abuse from the other person.

Not satisfied

It was good luck she finally got someone who loved her for who she is even with her striped skin but does you think everyone is lucky as her? Though her husband accepts her wholeheartedly, she has not learned to accept the stretch marks yet.

Everyone is different; there are those people who don’t even notice they have stretch marks until you mention it to them and there are those who get less night finding a way to get rid of one stretch mark.

Finding a solution to your stretch marks

Getting rid of stretch marks isn’t an overnight solution where you get the procedure done and wake up without stretch marks. Each treatment in the market takes time to see the result since the skin has a mind of its own and the only thing these treatments does is to encourage the skin to perform the work it is supposed to do.

There are several treatments used to treat stretch marks, but there is only one that is effective stretch mark treatment. First here are some of the standard procedures and at the end of this blog, you’ll learn about the most effective stretch mark treatment.

Apricot mask oil

Apricot exfoliates the skin removing the dead skin cells that prevent movement of nutrients in and out of the skin. When the dead skin cells are removed other new cells develop.

Aloe vera gel

Most effective stretch mark treatment

Aloe is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera penetrates the skin and helps with the healing process from the inside-out.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa has moisturising properties where it keeps the skin hydrated and prevents it from drying. Dry skin is prone to breakage and by keeping it moist helps with maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Almond oil

Almond is rich in vitamins A and D which are useful in maintaining skin elasticity. Almond is best after a stretch mark eliminating treatment or for a preventative purpose. Since it prevents the skin from losing its flexibility.

The above home remedies are some of the commonly used for stretch marks treatment, and to some extent, they have not yielded desirable effects. Since more people are shunning away from synthetic beauty products, it was necessary for Bio-Stria to come up with an organically manufactured stretch mark removal treatment that was safe and at the same time effective.

Processes used by Bio-Stria in stretch mark treatment

The focus of the procedure is to improve, reduce and eliminate symptoms related to striae distensae(stretch marks).

Stimulate fibroblastic activity

A fibroblast is a protein found in most of the body’s organs, and it works by manufacturing crucial cells responsible for skin regeneration and healing. At time s this protein might not be sufficient, or it might have reached a stage where it is present but not performing its purpose.

What Bio-Stria does is to awaken the sleeping fibroblast or stimulate more production to cater to the need of healing. When fibroblast is actively performing its work, it means collagen will be present to help get rid of the old cells which aren’t useful and giving way to new flawless cells.

When the collagen and elastin production is increased, it means your skin can expand without you being worried about it tearing and forming stretch marks.

Eliminate dryness

Dry skin is prone to many skin problems and can easily tear with any slight stretches. When the skin is dry, and your body is expanding with each day, then you are more at risk of getting stretch marks since the skin isn’t pliable.

What Bio-Stria treatment plan does is to ensure the skin gets moisture from the inside and the outside. The cream used in the kit can penetrate the skin and lock in moisture to prevent it from escaping.

Protects against inflammation

Sun might be a source of vitamin, but when exposed to the sun for an extended period then you should lead to skin inflammation such as dryness and burns. Bio-Stria kit contains the right antidote for inflammation and protects the skin from any adverse external effects on your skin.

Bio-Stria combined more than one concept used in the available home remedies for stretch marks treatment and got tremendous results. It is a tested and proven most effective stretch mark treatment that gives 100% result even with older stretch marks.

All you have to do is get your kit and instructions then you can always start the treatment at home; that is why it is an at-home stretch mark remedy. Its ingredients are purely organic plants, and if you are vegan or vegetarian, this product is just for you. You don’t need to accept and live with stretch marks any more when you can get rid of them using Bio-Stria kit. With Bio-Stria you’ll never go wrong since within 14 days of use you can see changes.

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