Most effective way to get rid of stretch marks?

You have tried every lotion, moisturizer or cream claiming to be the most effective way to get rid of stretch marks but in vain. Now you are disappointed and fear to waste your money on products that don’t work. In this article, you’ll learn about all the possible ways to get rid of stretch marks so you can make a wise choice.

The possible treatments of stretch marks

There are ways you can reduce or eliminate stretch marks. Depending on how much you want to invest in your treatment there are different types of treatment tailored for you.

Topical creams

Did you try to get rid of stretch marks using various creams but hit the wall in return? Worry not because today you are going to learn how to select a good cream that is effective on your stretch marks.

An active stretch marks removal cream should contain the following,


An antioxidant is a vital ingredient in a stretch mark removal cream because it has anti-inflammation properties that calm inflammation on the skin. It also increases cell metabolism and circulation which prevents ageing related issues such as wrinkles and gives skin an even tone.

Antioxidants have skin firming abilities and for those who experience skin sagging after pregnancy or weight loss you can benefit from it since those areas can be reversed. Scar tissues such as those of stretch marks are rigid and not easy to treat, but antioxidants encourage blood flow on such tissues making them easily eliminated.

The sun might provide vitamin D to the body, but too much of its exposure can cause skin related problems and dry. Antioxidants stimulate blood flow to the skin which in return provides the necessary nutrients responsible for skin regeneration.


Sunscreen is classified into two categories, the inorganic which repels UV rays away from the skin and organic which absorbs the sun’s rays instead of your skin. The UV rays act on the skin and cause sunburn and drying of the skin which to some extent can result in skin cancer.


Moisturizers aids in skin hydration and from drying out because dry skin is prone to tears even with a slight stretch. Moisturizers are classified into three categories that are Occlusives which locks in moisture preventing it from escaping, emollient which fills the gap that is in the skin cells missing fatty acids.

A humectant is the third moisturizer that attracts moisture to the skin from the environment and locks it in.

Vitamins A and E

Some vitamin A contains retinoids which are a vital ingredient in protecting your skin from skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles and acne. It does stimulate collagen production which is a crucial element in restoring skin elasticity. When skin elasticity is on point the scar formed from stretch marks can start to heal and disappear.

Vitamin E has protecting abilities from the UVB rays which is absorbed by the skin and cause sunburn. It has moisturising abilities which leave the skin supple.


Collagen is manufactured naturally by the body but due to environmental factors and normal body development like ageing it’s production is compromised and you need to substitute this essential protein.

You can either take it in the form of a supplement or add it to your moisturizer or lotions. Collagen is the reason why your skin can stretch during pregnancy and weight gain. When it’s production is interfered with the skin elasticity is affected and easily breaks during skin stretches, and that is how you get stretch marks.

Home remedies

Most effective way to get rid of stretch marks?

There are a couple of home remedies to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. These remedies have worked for others but are not active on other peoples stretch marks especially if the stretch marks are old.


Sugar is the best ingredient in homemade scrubs since it contains granules that exfoliates the skin while providing nutrients to the skin. This remedy uses the same technique as a dermabrasion method of eliminating stretch marks uses.


Egg whites are an excellent skin mask that contains firming properties. When you apply it on the areas where you have stretch marks especially if you have saggy skin it will tighten the skin and make stretch marks less visible.


Pure aloe vera has healing properties, and many use it for skin burns to help heal and restore the skin. Applying aloe vera on the stretch marks affected area of the skin helps reduce the stretch marks by penetrating the skin and start repairing the skin structure from the inside.

Clinical procedures

There is a clinical procedure that can eliminate and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Below are some of the tested ways to get rid of stretch marks.


Most effective way to get rid of stretch marks?

This procedure is a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny exfoliating crystals on the skin. The particles can be sprayed directly on the skin then rubbed to remove dead skin cells on the surface. This process of exfoliating the skin stimulates collagen production to repair and restore skin integrity.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy penetrates the skin cells in the form of light and stimulates regeneration and melanin production. The melanin produced targets the tissue around the stretch marks so that they can blend with other parts of the skin that isn’t affected by stretch marks.

Cosmetic surgery

The surgery carried out in stretch marks removal is done on the stomach, and you can’t do it on other parts of the body. This surgery is called tummy tuck, or medically called abdominoplasty involves getting rid of the excess skin that formed during weight loss or after childbirth.

It is a form of plastic surgery that is done by a qualified plastic surgeon. Before you consider this option you should learn extensively about it is pros and cons.


When you accidentally prick or cut yourself, the body responds by producing collagen to help with cell regeneration to repair the damage caused. The same concept is used in this procedure; tiny needles are used to poke the skin to have the same effects.

In other terms, collagen production is stimulated on the poked area of the skin.

Combined treatment

Most effective way to get rid of stretch marks?

Most treatments use either cream, moisturizer or lotion to treat stretch marks but this isn’t enough to clear stretch marks. Because your plight has been heard, research and tests were carried out to provide you with an effective way to get rid of stretch marks. Bio-Stria, 100% stretch, marks removal kit made from all organic ingredients will eliminate old and new stretch marks and start seeing results after 14 days.

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