Stretch Mark Removal London

What to Do If You Have Stretch Marks On your Hips?

Stretch marks on your hips are one of the most common types of scars that appear because of sudden skin stretching.
​Stretch Mark Removal London
On hips, they generally occur during pregnancy (which is the most frequent cause), but has a high chance to appear during weight gain or loss, especially if your percentage of body fat is higher than average.

Stretch Mark Removal London

They can also occur if you are bodybuilding and gaining a lot of muscle, however the chances for this happening to women are much lower as males gain muscle mass much faster.

The last possible cause is puberty, as during that state your body is running wild with hormones and bodily changes, which triggers growth, extending the skin and therefore causing the scars.

Once the striae is there, the damage is done.

When your skin rips, it does so at a deeper level and it will permanently be there in that layer.

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