Stretch Mark Removal San Francisco 

Stretch marks is part of any men life! 

If bodybuilding, weight gain or loss, or the use of certain medications has left you with stretch marks, Bio-Stria in San Jose can significantly remove their appearance at 100% using advanced phyto technology, and topical treatments.


When the elastic middle layer of skin (the dermis) becomes stretched, it can result in stretch marks, which are scars left by the breakdown of connective tissue.

Though stretch marks pose no threat to your health, they cause many men and women to feel self-conscious. Fortunately, the advanced skin tightening and collagen-stimulating treatments offered at Bio-Stria, as well as our topical treatments, can help your skin to recover the valuable elasticity it has lost while minimizing the discoloration stretch marks often exhibit.

To learn more about how Bio-Stria® can help remove your stretch marks at 100% without invasive surgery, contact our San Jose office serving the greater San Francisco today at 403.606.8924

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