Stretch marks shouldn't prevent you from having fun on the beach

Stretch marks shouldn't prevent you from having fun on the beach

Stretch marks don’t just appear at once, and there is no day you’ll sleep one night and wake up the next morning with stretch marks all over your bum, thighs, stomach, hands or breast. Some people might know when they appear because it sometimes itches before the streak line shows up. Others might not even know when they started appearing, and they notice them when they have become many.

Should you be ashamed of your stretch marks?

The appearance of stretch marks will depend on your genes, whether you have a past family history of stretch marks, or how well your skin can accommodate stretching. Our bodies are different, and nobody wishes to have foul lines running on the most noticeable parts of your body.

Stretch marks in some cases kill the confidence and self-esteem of a person. If you were once a person who loved the beach and now you are afraid to wear that cute sexy bikini swimming costume due to the appearance of stretch marks, then you need to read on because I have a solution to your ailment.

What makes us afraid of our stretch marks is not their look but how other people will react to them, but if you are like Jakes-Blake who was bullied for her stretch marks while she was sunbathing at an Alberta beach in Canada, then you don’t have any self-esteem issues.

Though Jakes-Blake was confident to wear a bikini and head on to the beach, her confidence was thrown out of proportion after some young men, and a woman criticized her for having stretch marks. Jakes felt low within herself but didn’t show it and ignored the young adults.

Emily Skye is an Australian fitness model who isn’t ashamed of her stretch marks which were as a result of pregnancy and the folds which made the stretch marks appear even worse after a weight loss. Skye is proud of her stretch marks since they are evidence of motherhood and despite being told to hide her folds by some of her fans, she disagrees.

The solution to your stretch marks

Stretch marks shouldn't prevent you from having fun on the beach

Before you even find the answer to your stretch marks, it is crucial you understand and accept the fact that stretch marks occur naturally and there’s no way you can control how they appear, where they should look or when they should appear. Build your self-confidence first so that you can have a successful treatment plan.

There are no stretch marks treatments that can provide immediate results and learning to be patient throughout the treatment period will help. There are a couple of remedies available in the market such as laser treatment and creams. Laser and microdermabrasion treatments are costly, and not everyone can afford.

Cost effective and convenient solution

If you are not like Blakes or Skye who is brave enough to flaunt their stretch marks without minding what other people are saying, then we have a lasting solution here at Bio-Stria Clinic. Brenda is the founder of Bio-Stria products, and she came up with a solution to eliminate stretch in the shortest time possible. She has tried this stretch marks excluding kit which worked like magic on her stretch marks.

If you would like more information on stretch marks eliminating kit and other beauty procedure, visit the clinic or contact us.

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