The Advantages of Miami in September

As much as Miami means “beach,” it’s not for everyone all of the time, but rather, to reference Abraham Lincoln, it’s only for some of the people, some of the time. One reason some people stay away from the beach is the summer heat. While the beach waters cool us off, it’s not worth the hassle of getting there, lying in the sun, and trekking back in a climate which is just too darn hot. The amount of time spent in beating-down heat can render the experience unpleasant, save for the 20 minutes you’re actually in the water. Cost-benefit?


Not favorable!


The Advantages of Miami in September


All hope is not lost: Autumn is up-and-coming, officially starting in three weeks’ time.  While we don’t see its effects as much in Miami as in the more-northern states, we do feel the temperature going down. For people who prefer to steer clear of high temperatures at the beach, September offers the beginning of a respite.  While the first end of September still resembles summer temperatures (highs around 89/90°F), give it a few weeks, and the temperature will likely take a downturn for the better.


Make sure you are stretch mark free to go at the beach in Miami! 


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