Bio-Stria® Certification - Unique Spa add-ons

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We focus on our basic and advanced stretch mark removal system it the most unique add-ons in the industry.

 Unique Spa add-ons


Investing in an Bio-Stria TRAINING can be both profitable and fulfilling. 

As one of the leading fast casual beauty brands in Canada with the 
necessary support and guidance to facilitate your success.

Fees associated with opening and operating an Bio-Stria store are outlined below. Bio-Stria prefers that candidates have the financial means to support the  costs of a franchise with at least 25-50% originating from unencumbered cash.

Training Fee

TRAINING Fee start at $5,500 

Construction Costs

The cost of building your store is dependent on the current market, store size, location, and format. Street Front Clinic range from $10,000 to $50,000 while our home based formats range from $5,000 to $10,000. 100% of the construction funds are payable by the Franchisee prior to construction. 


Training Costs

Costs associated with the training program are covered in your Training Fee. 

Monthly Fees

A monthly Advertising and Promotion Fee of 2% of gross sales is also paid. Bio-Stria pools stores advertising dollars and executes marketing and advertising plans and promotional strategies to build the Bio-Stria brand for the benefit of all locations. There is no royalty fee on product sales. 

Multiples Certification

Multi-unit certification has significantly altered the traditional clinic model, with far-reaching effects for you and Bio-Stria. 

Most certified operations love the approach of having one operator running several units and for good reason.

Multi-unit operators typically are experienced, skilled, professional business executives who have chosen Bio-Stria as their business model.  They have the skills, capital, infrastructure, and vision to operate multiple units and the ability to continue adding units to their portfolio without stressing their organization (or their nerves).

If you have the background, experience, and drive to take on these challenges, Bio-Stria offers you a path to achieve your dreams.

But you can't do it alone. Rely on people, partners, and delegation plus a large helping of your own passion, patience, dedication, and hard work and yes, you can grow a multi-unit empire.


Bio-Stria offer at home training with a virtual video we will have podcast to help build your new business.



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