Why does your stretch marks itch?

Several changes in the human body can’t be controlled. Pregnancy and puberty are such body processes that cannot be controlled because they have a mind of their own. Whenever they want to release hormones, they do so without waiting for orders from anyone.

It is because of these two and other factors that an individual gets stretch marks. If you are experiencing stretch marks for the first time, you might not be familiar with the symptoms they bring along with them. Itching happens when there are new stripes of stretch marks appearing, and that is why both those who have had it and those who are having it for the first time experience the same.

How to know a stretch mark

It doesn’t matter the cause of your stretch marks they all present with almost the same characteristics. The only difference will be on their color as different people have different color complexion.

To identify a stretch mark here are some of the symptoms they present. They appear as stripes running collaterally on the body. Those lines are hard to miss since they have a different color to the rest of the skin.

The color is different with each individual, and sometimes the stretch marks might be brighter or duller than your normal skin complexion. When you touch them, they feel a bit bumpy, and it is like they are swollen or raised. In some cases, they itch and irritate the skin where they appear.

The reason why you have itchy stretch marks

The itching does not happen often, and when you feel itchy, it is because new stretch marks are appearing. There are a couple of reasons why you have stretch marks.


When most women get pregnant, they become excited, especially if it is their first time. Though this is a joyous milestone in a woman’s life, it isn’t always a smooth joy ride. The fetus(baby) develops and grows in the stomach rapidly by the day.

As the fetus grows, the stomach inside and outside expands. The difference between the expansion happening in the uterus and the outside (visible ) stomach is the degree of development each one can withstand.

The uterus doesn’t experience stretch marks because it has high levels of expansion. On the other hand, the skin can’t expand rapidly without tearing from the inside. When the fetus grows, it pushes the stomach, and as a result, the surface extends beyond its threshold and eventually stretch marks form.


It is a healthy body process that shows a child has reached the end of childhood. It does present with different physical changes which some, contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. The hormonal changes in the body stimulate the body to want more food, and this is the reason why most teenagers eat a lot.

Rapid weight gain affects mostly pregnant women and teenagers. It results in the skin expanding fast leading to stretch marks. Girls usually have stretch marks on their thighs, buttocks and hips area. The boys have them mostly on the upper arms.


Do men also get stretch marks? Yes. When a man or woman is a bodybuilder, they often stimulate the growth of muscles in the body. The muscle tissues are located in the skin layers, and when they are forced to grow more than they are expected to, they push the skin to respond by forming stretch marks.


Some medications such as corticosteroids either topical or oral affect the skin by thinning. The skin loses its elasticity and when there is even a slight increase in weight, stretch marks form.


Adrenal gland disorders cause thinning of the skin by stimulating the increase of the cortisone. The skin becomes susceptible to stretch marks when it can’t withstand stretching of any form or degree.

Is it possible to alleviate itchiness?

Yes, it is possible to minimize the irritation, but you have to take good care of your skin during this process. Here are some of the care practices you should observe to keep your skin comfortable and less irritated.


Why does your stretch marks itch?

You can use hydrating lotions such as cocoa butter to keep your skin from drying. Drying makes the stretch marks worst making them itchy. When you use a hydrating cream, the skin becomes supple and will not itch.


Why does your stretch marks itch?

The cause of stretch marks appearing decreases the moisture level in your skin resulting in drying. When the skin dries out and starts to expand due to the rapid increase of weight, it becomes irritated and itching. Using some moisturizers that don’t have high levels of corticosteroid helps penetrate the skin and prevent drying. Luxury organic firming butter is a natural moisturizer that will naturally moisten the skin.


Use oils such as coconut, jojoba, vitamin E, olives or almond to rub on the areas where you experience itching. Massaging helps to reduce itching caused by skin expanding.

Achieving the best results

It is always important to stick to the regimen to benefit from it and achieve desired results. You don’t expect to use a moisturizer once and expect the itching to disappear instantly. Being patient and sticking to the plan is the key to a successful treatment plan.

The treatment to eliminate stretch marks and itchiness

Treating or removing itching doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve reduced or vanished the old stretch marks. The early stretch marks can only be removed by a competent and tested stretch mark removal treatment; a treatment that will give you 100% treatment and elimination. You can get such kind of tremendous results in Bio stria stretch mark removal treatment.

Trying to avoid those aspects that stimulate generation of stretch marks is hard; Although you can control their appearance by not gaining a lot of weight that is not necessary. In pregnancy, this might not be successful because of the cravings habit pregnant women have.

They disappear with time, but they usually leave some markings to show they once appeared. If you are conscious of them, you can eliminate them using Bio Stria.

It reasonable to have stretch marks and it is also normal for them to itch. It becomes a health issue when your stretch marks can’t respond to the necessary treatment plan for alleviating and controlling the itch. When itching is affecting your general life and health, in particular, you’ll have to seek a medical professional advise.

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