Can you treat stretch marks caused by bodybuilding?

Can you treat stretch marks caused by bodybuilding?

Can you treat stretch marks caused by bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders are known for showing off their hard muscles. Most of them wear clothes that show some of their achievements regarding muscles. Bodybuilding is a healthy practice because you’ll lose some pounds and keep your body in shape.

Before you understand the relationship between bodybuilding and stretch marks, it is vital you know what happens during bodybuilding.

The science behind bodybuilding

Bodybuilding varies from one person to another. Each person has different genetic, and this is the reason why some people gain muscle mass faster than others. For any bodybuilder to achieve the desired muscle size, he/she has to be consistently doing the exercises required.

Muscle growth isn’t an instant result, and this is why bodybuilding focus on resistance training to get results. It is hard to notice the changes during the first month, and it may take several months to see changes.

Though muscle growth is gradual people still get stretch marks on the areas where there is an increase in muscles growth. You may be wondering why this is the case.

How bodybuilding cause stretch marks

Stretch marks are well known to affect the pregnant, adolescent and those who gain weight rapidly. How is it you get stretch marks when you body build? The facts are just the same with others.

Can you treat stretch marks caused by bodybuilding?During bodybuilding, muscles increase, and as usual, the skin can only accommodate a specific stretch intensity at a given period. The muscle growth isn’t a natural process instead you are inducing its’ growth by working out.

Increasing the muscle growth forces the skin to stretch beyond its’ elastic limit causing it to break and pull appears as a result.

How to control the appearance of stretch marks during a workout

It isn’t clear whether you can prevent stretch marks appearance when you workout but there are claims that you can. Here are some of the tips for reducing its’ appearance.


Moisturizing your skin helps keep the skin moist. Dry skin is prone to cracks and breakage. When your skin stretches excessively and you have dry skin breakage is more prominent than moist skin.

There are different moisturizers in the market, but there is this one moisturizer by Bio-Stria that can be used as a moisturizer for treating stretch marks as well as keep your skin moist.

Eat right

Eating healthy is the key to better health, but when it comes bodybuilders, you need to eat the right food with the right ingredients since you are building muscles. Eating food rich in zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins will keep your skin healthy and vibrant with collagen.

Can you eliminate stretch marks caused by bodybuilding?

Most people believe stretch marks appearance is a permanent process that cannot be treated. According to Brenda this fact isn’t true because she came up with natural ingredients that can eliminate stretch marks in 14 days.

There is other stretch marks removal procedure but they are costly, and not everyone can afford. Not only are they expensive but they are also surgical which doesn’t work with everyone for fear of needles and scalpel.

Brenda considered the fact not all people can afford the surgical procedures and came up with safe ingredients to manufacture Bio-Stria stretch mark removal kit.

You don’t have to live with those ugly stretch marks that are preventing you from showing off those muscles. You can now eliminate them and enjoy your life to the maximum.

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