Most effective stretch mark cream?

Most effective stretch mark cream?

When Brenda was young, it was her wish to have children of her own but what she wasn’t aware of is the results of pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the causes of stretch marks, and it occurs when the stomach expands to create room for the growing fetus. As the uterus grows the skin expands too and as a result stretch marks develop. If you want to eliminate or prevent striae you have to know how to choose the most effective stretch marks cream.

Is it necessary to eliminate stretch marks?

Brenda is among more than 43% of women who get stretch marks during pregnancy. She experienced self-esteem issues when the stretch marks appeared, and she even received insults from people due to the ‘tiger stripes’ on her body.

Brendas’ social life was affected, and she couldn’t do thinks she once did before having children for fear of being bullied about her striped body. Maybe Brenda chose the wrong creams or she never got the most effective stretch marks cream to eliminate her 'tiger stripes'

It took her years to accept her current demise but not every person can learn to live with stretch marks, and that is why it is crucial to eliminate or prevent them before it affects your social life.

What to look for in a cream

When it comes to stretch marks, you don’t go shopping for any body cream. You need to choose the most effective stretch marks cream that will provide all the benefits required for the stretch marks to disappear. The following are factors to consider before you decide a specific cream is a good fit for your stretch marks.


Skin needs moisturizing daily. Environmental factors and body changes such as aging contribute to the skin losing its’ moisture and resulting in dry skin.

Dry skin is vulnerable to breakage, especially during skin expansion. It is vital to select the most effective stretch marks cream that can moisturize your skin and keep it pliable so that it doesn’t break during stretching.

You might be wondering which ingredients you should look for in a cream that moisturizes, right? A good cream should contain oils such as grapeseed oil which is your skin best friend. Many people have avoided oils in their skincare regimen because they believe oils cause skin issues such as clogged pores.

Infact, not all oils are rancid and picking the beneficial oils is as good as flawless skin. Grapeseed oil is one of the miracle oils which penetrates the skin and brings out the beautiful skin from the inside.

Oils work differently and equipping yourself with the right information on oils will help you make the right choice about the cream you need.


Being the largest organ of the body, it is vital to take care of your skin by protecting it from agents of skin destruction. Since the skin is the body's’ covering and is on the outside, it does experience a lot of harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures depending on the weather condition.

When you protect your skin from conditions that affect the normal functioning of the skin, you’ll have a surface that has no flaws and heals itself when the need arises.

The most effective stretch mark cream should contain anti-inflammatory properties which aid in the skin to healing. When stretch marks begin, it starts from the inside and later on comes on the surface. What an anti-inflammatory does is treat those skin breakages from the inside out and eliminate the scar formed.

Mango butter is one of the best anti-aging and anti-inflammatory since it protects the skin from the inside eliminating scar formation. A cream that has herbs infused in them are the best since most herbs have nutrients that protect the skin from damage.

Calendula is an ingredient found in marigold and prevents the skin from breaking; hence even when the skin stretches when you are using a cream that contains this ingredient, it is protected from tearing.

Protecting your skin against UV rays using sunscreen is essential, and that is why you should choose the most effective stretch marks cream that has sunscreen ingredients. The sun rays disrupt the normal functioning of the skin by reducing the production of collagen which is an essential building block of skin regeneration.


The sole reason for purchasing a stretch marks cream is to heal the tears formed during skin stretches. The most effective stretch marks cream should have healing properties where it can stimulate the production of collagen, a crucial component of the skin that helps in skin regeneration.

Vitamin E works by protecting the skin from the effects of UV rays, and it also heals the burns caused by sun rays. A stretch marks cream should contain vitamin E to protect and repair your skin from the effects of sun rays.

Stretch marks do occur particularly on areas covered by clothes, but the UV rays can penetrate the clothes you are wearing and cause damage.

What cream is effective on stretch marks?

There is some stretch marks cream in the market claiming to eliminate stretch marks, and most of them don’t perform the exact purpose. Purchase a cream that is proven and tested to get a 99.9% results on your stretch marks.

A cream that is made from naturally occurring ingredients is what you should consider as most natural ingredients are mild on the skin and give results. If you are still looking for the most effective stretch marks cream, look no further because Boi-Idra aftercare cream will provide your skin with all the goodness it needs.

Bio-Idra is a combination of seven organic ingredients which provides different benefits living your skin saying thank you. The cream does not only moisturize the surface, but it can penetrate your skin and repair it from the inside-out.

To get the most out of the stretch marks cream purchase a Bio-Stria treatment kit that contains the cream and other products. If you are looking to prevent stretch marks, then Bio-Idra will provide the expected protection.

By stimulating collagen production, Bio-Idra will make your skin endure the rapid stretches caused by pregnancy, growth spurt, bodybuilding, and weight gain. Remember it is good to consult with our experts concerning your stretch marks issues.

By identifying the cause of your stretch marks, you get a definite treatment plan. Some people require less treatment than others and vice-versa.

The most effective stretch mark removal cream is not a cream but a treatment called Bio_Stria and it will remove your stretch marks at 100%. It available online Get the Box at www.bio-stria.com

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