Ways to help stretch marks?

Ways to help stretch marks?

When you want to wear that sleeveless top and hot pant, then you realise the ‘tiger stripes’ are showing it becomes so disappointing. Stretch marks might not be a health risk, but it negatively influences your confidence. You might not be like other people who have learned to accept and live with stretch marks, and that is why you are conscious about your streak of lines.

Does everyone get stretch marks?

No. Not everyone has stretch marks, and the reason for their appearance varies with each. Some celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Rowland and Kayla Itsines who is an influencer have learned to accept stretch marks and show them off with pride.

Every person is different. When a person is grieved of a loved one who was close, it pains and leaves traces of sadness in the soul. Some people are blessed enough to accept and come out of that situation without any help.

Others will sink deep in their sorrows wondering why this had to happen to them until they seek psychological help to help them come out of the situation. The same concept applies to stretch marks, there are those who have learned to accept them, and they aren’t bothered but there also those who wish to get rid of them.

Reasons for stretch mark developing

There are a couple of reasons why you have stretch marks, and it is important to know them to avoid the cause if you can.


The skin is elastic and thanks to the collagen present in the body your skin can stretch and return to normal after the stretches. At times the normal functioning of the skin is compromised by certain medications especially those that contain corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids cause the skin to thin out by affecting collagen production and in return when the skin slightly stretches it tears from within and stretch marks are formed.


Marfan’s and Cushing’s syndrome are some of the diseases that affect how the skin works by inhibiting the production of collagen in the body. These diseases increase the levels of cortisone in the body which fights collagen and eventually stretch marks are formed.


According to medical doctors genetics play an important role in how your general body functions and this is the reason why you can get stretch marks if you have a history of stretch marks in the family.

It isn’t a guarantee you’ll get stretch marks because you have it in the family, but you are at risk of getting them.


Getting pregnant and carrying till term is a sacrifice every woman does to experience the joy of motherhood. During the nine months, the fetus is growing and increasing weight each month, and to some extent, the mother is also eating a lot, and they are both adding weight.

Collagen is manufactured in the body at certain amounts, and when the body starts to increase very fast, it becomes hard for collagen to meet the body’s demands.

During pregnancy, the exact thing happens when a mother is adding more weight, and the skin is also expanding to accommodate the developing fetus. The rapid expansion is what causes tears in the dermis which eventually forms into stretch marks.

Weight gain and weight loss

Eating excess carbs results in them being deposited under the skin as fat. You’ll not realize the changes immediately, but when this deposit becomes too much, the skin starts to expand very fast.

When you start experiencing itching around your thighs and butt, it means the dermis has torn and is beginning to heal. After sometimes you’ll notice a streak of lines that are coloured red and those are healed skin tears called stretch marks.

Growth spurt

As kids enter adulthood (puberty), their body changes and hormones take control of how their body functions. The hormones make them crave for food often, and this results in a rapid increase in weight.

For girls, the hips broaden, and the breast grows more significant, and these are some of the areas where fat deposits like to stay. As they rapidly increase in weight collagen production can’t keep up and as a result stretch marks develop.

Boys develop muscles especially on the shoulders and upper arm areas, and this process is rapid forcing the skin to tear and stretch marks to appear.


A bodybuilder focuses on enlargement and strengthening of the muscle tissue. The muscle tissues are located in the skin, and when they start to grow, they force the skin to stretch to accommodate their growth. Stretch marks begin to form when the muscles start to proliferate than how the collagen is produced.

Options available

There are some ways to help stretch marks fade. Here are some of the options to pick.

Laser therapy

Laser light is used to stimulate more collagen production or remove the old dead skin to expose the new skin.


Microdermabrasion works by eliminating the dead skin cells deposited on the surface using tiny crystals used for exfoliating. The skin is ready for regeneration once the dead cells are removed.


Microneedling works by puncturing the skin repeatedly using a derma roller. This procedure focuses on stimulating collagen production towards the damaged area of skin to help in the healing process and in return you get new skin with fewer flaws.

Cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic surgery used in this case is tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty. The area affected by stretch marks is tucked away, but this treatment isn’t for everyone especially if you don’t have excess skin to tuck.

Combined home remedy

Success has been seen with this type of treatment since it is combining several home remedies to achieve excellent results. Bio-Stria kit offers a seven-step treatment plan that provides results within two weeks of use.

It doesn’t matter if your stretch marks are new or old, Bio-Stria kit will eliminate your stretch marks at 100%. Results depend on how old your stretch marks are, and you can see results sooner or later, but the bottom line is consistency.

Bio-Stria products are made from pure organic ingredients that are safe to use on your skin.

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