Best way to get rid of stretch marks at home

Stretch marks are widely talked about a topic that affects the self-esteem of most people. It doesn’t have any health risks but when your confidence or self-esteem isn't secure you become unproductive, and your social life is negatively impacted. You need not worry since you’ll find out how to get rid of those ‘tiger stripes’ at the comfort of your home today.


Best way to get rid of stretch marks at home

Stretch marks appearance

Before you get to the nitty-gritty of how to eliminate stretch marks it is necessary to understand how they develop.

The skin is made up of elastic cells that allow the skin to stretch whenever possible. If the skin is elastic why then does it form stretch marks? Every stretchy material has its elastic limit and skin isn’t an exception.

When the skin stretches past its elastic limit, it tears, and that is when the stretch marks forms. Fibroblast is a protein found in the body that plays a role in collagen and elastin cells which keeps the elasticity of skin intact.

When the production of collagen and elastin doesn’t meet the rising demands of the body, then the skin is prone to tear every time there is expansion.

Who gets stretch marks?

The number of stretch marks cases depends on the cause of their occurrence.


The growing fetus in the womb makes the skin to expand to create enough space for growth. Since the expansion is rapid than the production of collagen and elastin, the skin breaks and then stretch mark forms.

Not all women get stretch marks during pregnancy, but a study showed that 43% to 88% of pregnant women get stretch marks. You can see the number is high and you are not alone, but the more good news is you can now get rid of them.


Did you know even teens get stretch marks? Yes, they do! 6% to 86% of adolescent get stretch marks due to the rapid growth and expansion associated with puberty development. The areas of the body that is most affected during this stage are thighs, butt, breast, and shoulders (in boys).

Adolescent tend to have an increased appetite to compensate for the body’s increasing demands. Overeating results in excess carbs stored under the skin. The best places where the fat hides are the hips, thighs butt and upper arm areas.


Best way to get rid of stretch marks at home

Resistance training is what bodybuilding involves, and during these exercises, the muscle is trained to grow bigger. When the muscles start to increase, they force the skin to expand to accommodate the growing tissues.

When muscle growth is rapid than the production of collagen and elastin, then the elastic skin limit is reached, and eventually, tears form in the dermis part of the skin. The tears provoke increased production of collagen to the site to heal the wound in the dermis which results from stretching marks.

Medication, diseases, and lifestyle

Several medicines affect the production of collagen and elastin, and this makes the skin to be vulnerable to tears even with a slight stretch. Medication containing corticosteroids are an example cause of stretch marks.

Diseases such as Cushing syndrome stimulate excess production of cortisone which affects the structure formation of the skin. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome thins the skin making it susceptible to tears when stretched.

If you smoke then the chances of you getting stretch marks- if you don’t have any- are high. A study to determine the incidence and risk factors associated with stretching marks showed that people who smoke were 2.59 times more likely to get stretch marks than those who didn’t smoke.


Everybody has different genetic makeup, and this is why some people’s hair grows 1 inch per month while others grow 1 inch in 3 months. The same applies to stretch marks; some people’s body produces enough collagen and elastin while others don't produce enough to meet the demands of stretching skin.

The miracle treatment

Understanding and knowing what causes the stretch marks on your skin gives you a perfect idea on how to treat and prevent stretch marks appearance. Whether you have stretch marks that are more than ten years or less this treatment method will eliminate them at 100%.

If you have used all the available stretch marks removal creams without any success, this treatment plan is for you. You get little success when you use one treatment procedure, and this is why Bio-Stria came up with a 7 step stretch mark removal option to give you 100% success rate.

What does it entail?

Bio-Stria is a combination of more than one stretch mark removal treatments which has proven to be active on old and new stretch marks. Did you know Bio-Stria products are purely organic and mild on your skin? Now you know. Here is a glance at what entails the treatment.


Exfoliating the skin eliminates the dead skin cells on the surface which can’t be removed by cleansing. The stubborn dead skin cells adhere to the surface and block pores which prevents absorption of essential nutrients in your serum and moisturizer.


The skin needs hydration to make it more pliable when stretched. Moisturizers hydrate the skin and moisturizers are classified into those that can penetrate the skin and attract moisture into your skin.

Others can prevent moisture from escaping to the environment by forming a layer film on the skin surface. There are those which prevents moisture escape and at the same time provides elasticity and softens the skin.


Skin cleansing using mild cleansers is an integral part of the treatment. Cleansing removes dirt on the skin and paves the way for nutrients to penetrate.


Best way to get rid of stretch marks at home

Nutrients and vitamins are crucial in the healing process, and that is why they are a part of the treatment plan. These nutrients and vitamins are in the serum provided in the kit.

Massaging during application of moisturizer helps the skin to relax and stimulate collagen and elastin production. You need to click on the buy button below and start your journey into stripeless skin.



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