Los Angeles best stretch mark removal

Los Angeles best stretch mark removal

Have you searched for the best stretch mark removal in Los Angeles and all you get is laser stretch marks removal? Does it mean there are no best organic stretch mark removal remedies? Guess what? You no longer have to look for that fantastic home remedy stretch mark removal treatment because you'll get it at the end of this blog.

Why should you get rid of stretch marks?

Women are the most at risk group when it comes to stretch marks. At puberty, a girls' body changes internally as well as physically. The hips, thighs, breast, and butts overgrow leading to stretch marks.

During pregnancy, the stomach expands rapidly to provide room for the developing fetus and this, in turn, causes stretch marks. Men do get stretch marks too but only when they increase weight rapidly or during bodybuilding exercises focused on growing muscles.

Self-esteem issues

Some women have learned to accept their stretch marks not because they know there is a way to get rid of them but because they have looked and made to believe there is no cure for stretch marks.

Before anyone comes to accept the stretch marks they go through stressful and depressing comments from other people. You are even forced to leave activities you once enjoyed doing such as swimming. You can no longer wear any cloth that will expose your stretch marks for fear of what people would say.

Why are stretch mark treatments not working?

There are many creams, oils, and other stretch mark treatment options in the market today an after trying them they don't show any results. Does this mean stretch marks is irreversible? No.

Most of the stretch mark creams, lotions and oils have moisturizing properties which are beneficial in healing stretch marks. The problem is those topical treatments wouldn't perform the work without help to penetrate the skin and provide the necessary nutrients for stretch marks removal.

Take this example when you want to plant a seed you have to put the seed inside the soil for it to get nutrients required for it to flourish. The same concept applies to the skin; you need to remove the top dead skin and pave the way for nutrients in lotions, serum, and creams to penetrate the skin through the open pores.

The method of application also matters. Your skin needs a little of awakening with massaging. When applying any topical product, it is crucial to rub the product on your skin. Massaging helps the skin to start performing its work and collagen production increases.

By combining more than one treatment method provides outstanding results within a few days of use. The best part of using a home remedy for stretch marks treatment is that it is affordable.

Why prefer home remedies to laser treatments

Los Angeles best stretch mark removal

Doesn't laser treatments work for stretch marks? No. Laser treatment is, in fact, effective on stretch marks but there are the cons that come with it.


When stretch marks decide it is time to show up it doesn't choose a race, gender or age. Stretch marks occur in women, men, children, black, white, rich, poor, young and old individual. Most health insurances funds for health problems that are a risk to the general well being.

Cosmetic procedures such as laser therapy aren't funded by most health insurances in Los Angeles since they are done for aesthetic purposes and not to save a life. Laser stretch mark treatments cost a lot, and not everybody can afford to pay for it out of their pocket.

In-office procedure

You can't perform a laser procedure at home. It is a requirement you visit an esthetician in the clinic to have the process. If you live far from the clinic, it means you will need to create time for the procedure.

It isn't a favorable treatment if you have a busy schedule and only get time during the nonworking hours. Home remedies for stretch mark removal provide you with convenience as you can schedule your treatment at any time of the day and still get results.


Laser treatment requires the knowledge of a professional and qualified esthetician. Even if you were an expert in the field, there is no way you could do the procedure on yourself. You'll need someone to help you.

On the other hand home remedies doesn't need any help from anyone as you can perform the treatment and get results.


Laser treatment isn't for everyone, and it is limited to specific people with a particular color tone. People who have decidedly darker skin one can't have this treatment option. At home remedies for the stretch, mark elimination does not choose who can have it.

Everyone including teens can use a home remedy since it is safe and made from mostly organic ingredients.

The best stretch mark removal

Now that you reached here you are eager to know what this best stretch mark treatment is? Bio-Stria provides you with all-natural ingredient products for elimination of stretch marks at 100%.

It isn't a new treatment, and it's used by many people who love it for the efficacy and how budget friendly it is. It isn't a lotion neither is it a cream. It is a whole kit that contains several products for the seven steps required for eliminating stretch marks.

It is the only seven step stretch mark treatment found in Los Angeles. Whether you have new or old stretch marks Bio-Stria kit is the go-to kind of therapy. People experience changes in a week and the average period in which you can notice changes is 14 days.

There are no appointments required for this treatment to take place since it doesn't rocket science to apply products on your skin as directed. You receive a video instruction on how the steps follow each other and how long you should wait until the next application.

The ingredients in Bio-Stria kit aims to nourish the skin as it stimulates collagen and elastin tissues. For more information on how to get rid of stretch marks in Los Angeles, you can contact bio-stria.

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