Stretch Mark Removal: Treatments and Home Remedies

Stretch Mark Removal: Treatments and Home Remedies

Stretch Mark Removal: Treatments and Home Remedies

Skin is one of the most vital organs of the body since it protects the entire body from external harm. Due to its position on the body skin undergoes a lot of harsh conditions such as extreme cold and high temperatures.

The nature of skin is to withstand temperatures and other body changes such as weight gain and weight loss. Skin is elastic and all thanks to the collagen produced within the skin but just like any flexible material skin has it’s stretching limits. When skin stretches beyond its elastic limit stretch marks are formed and you might be wondering what are the treatment and home remedies for stretch marks removal.

How do stretch marks look like?

Stretch marks are not selective and can develop in both male and female whether young or old. They do appear like a streak of lines that presents in different colors depending on the age.

Red stretch marks are new, and they have not lasted for more than a year since they developed. The reason why they appear red is that when the inner skin tears blood vessels beneath are visible, that is why the stretch marks are red. During this stage stretch marks removal is easier.

If the stretch marks aren’t addressed, they change color to purple then white or silver depending on one's complexion. Red stretch marks are the easiest to treat in Canada and doesn’t need invasive treatment method as they are quickly eliminated using topical creams.

White and silver stretch marks are the hardest to eliminate, and it requires a lot of patience when treating them since you’ll need consistency of a specific treatment to achieve the best results. You can get a stretch marks removal kit in Canada that can eliminate both the young and old stretch marks.

Factors contributing to stretch marks appearance

Women and expectant mother donate the highest percentage of people who get stretch marks. Stretch marks develop when the skin extends beyond its elastic limit resulting in skin tearing. What exactly causes the skin to pull? Here are some of the factors that contribute to the formation of stretch marks.


Most women desire to have their biological children and experience the process of pregnancy. Being a mother comes with many challenges, and one is the formation of stretch marks on the stomach.

As the fetus grows the uterus expands to create room for the growing unborn baby, and as a result, the skin stretches. Because the fetus grows at a high-speed rate, the skin can’t cope with its’ increasing speed and reaches the elastic limit before the embryo is fully developed.

As the fetus continues to grow, the skin having reached it’s stretching limit tears to accommodate the growing fetus. Only 80% of pregnant women get stretch marks, and the reason might be lack moisturizing or their genetic makeup.


A lot of changes occurs during development, and this includes stretch marks. The hormones which are present in the body during adolescence alters the equilibrium, and a child begins to eat more to cater for the developing body.

As the food intake increases, the body begins to expand especially on the hips, thighs, breast, upper arms and buttocks. The mentioned areas are the ones prone to develop stretch marks during puberty.

Because the skin has a limitation on how far it can stretch at a given time, it tears when the elastic limit is exceeded and this what happens during puberty development.


The main focus of bodybuilding is to increase the muscles instead of the fat. There are muscles located under the skin, and when they are stimulated to grow more than their average size, they force the skin to stretch.

When you experience stretch marks, and you are doing workouts worry not because the skin stretched and broke to accommodate the growing muscles. 

Weight gain

Increase in weight is, in most cases, a result of excess fat depositing under the skin. When this fat continues to increase the skin also expands and reaches a point where it can no longer stretch and tears to meet the demands of the increased fat.


In other cases, people in the US and Canada get stretch marks even when they are not gaining weight, bodybuilders, pregnant or in puberty stage. For this case, a person needs to review any medication they are taking since there are medicines that thin the skin structure making it tear with even a slight stretch easily.

Available stretch marks treatment

Now that you’ve identified the reason why you are getting stretch marks this question crops up in your mind, are there treatments and home remedies for stretch marks removal in the US and Canada? There are different treatment plans for removing stretch marks, and it will all depend on; How much you need to invest in your treatment and how old is your stretch marks.

Laser therapy

The use of light to stimulate collagen production is how laser therapy works. Collagen is the building block to flawless skin and when it’s output is increased new skin cells develop pushing the old stretched skin above the surface as dead skin where they are eliminated.

Home remedies

Stretch Mark Removal: Treatments and Home Remedies

Some people have used moisturizers to prevent stretch marks but for some people didn’t work. There is a range of moisturizers in the market for stretch mark removal, and the vital thing you should do is to check the ingredients first.

Using sunscreen to protect the skin especially in some part of the US where the sun is very hot from the UV rays is vital if you are considering stretch mark removal since sun rays affect the production of collagen.

The practical way to eliminate stretch marks

There are a lot of claims about stretch marks removal, but there is evidence to prove you can use treatment and home remedies for stretch marks removal. Bio-Stria is a product manufactured in Canada and has helped many people especially women to eliminate new and old stretch marks.

You need to have patience when using this treatment since it isn’t a one-time application process. Be consistent with Bio-Stria stretch mark removal kit, and you’ll not regret ever investing your money to treat stretch marks. You can get this kit anywhere in the USA or Canada, contact us for more details.

The ingredients in Bio-Stria kit is professionally selected to address the root cause of stretch marks appearance. It is the safest and non-invasive way to eliminate your striae.

The best home remedies and treatments for stretch marks appear to be Bio-Stria, why because it remove stretch marks at 100%. Simple Home Remedies To Remove Stretch Marks is Bio-Stria ... Get the Box at www.bio-stria.com

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