Why you should use creams over laser treatments for stretch marks?

Why you should use creams over laser treatments for stretch marks?

Skin is one of the most vital organs of your body as it covers and protects your entire body from the outside. The skin has elastic properties as it can stretch and resume its’ normal shape. The skin has its elastic limit and when it stretches above its’ limit, alteration of shape sets in.

When skin stretches beyond the elastic limit the tissues below, it breaks forming stretch marks as a result. Skin extending beyond the border is a result of various factors, and it depends on each.

Are you at risk of getting stretch marks?

Those who are at risk of getting stretch marks are expectant mothers, teenagers both genders, bodybuilders and those who use medications that affect the normal functioning of the skin. Weight gain can deter you from wearing any clothing for fear of how your body looks.

In this era in time, a lot of peoples’ focus is to keep in shape by reducing weight. As you gain weight rapidly, your skin stretches to its’ limit and cause stretch marks. The stretch marks are unsightly and give your skin a tiger skin appearance preventing you from engaging in social activities such as swimming.

According to skin experts such as Dr. Susan Evans of Dr. OZ ’s health and beauty, surgical treatments such as a laser is the only way to eliminate stretch marks. Are her claims true? Continue reading, and you’ll find out more insightful information.

What is laser treatment?

Why you should use creams over laser treatments for stretch marks?

It is the use of a beam of light to remove a thin layer of skin affected by stretch marks. You don’t necessarily need to stay in the hospital for recovery since laser treatment is a non-invasive surgery.

It isn’t a one-time treatment procedure since you’ll need several treatments for the striae to go away completely. The number of treatment depends on the severity of the stretch marks. Once the layer is removed, the skin regenerates, and another layer of the skin grows and this time without stretch marks.

Laser treatment might be one of the most effective treatments for removing stretch marks, but it does have its’ flaws. After the treatment patients might experience redness and blistering. The area treated might look as if it has burns injury which will disappear with time.

The recovery time is relative with each person as others heal within a few days after treatment and others may take even weeks. The success of the procedure will depend on how old the striae are, and the older the stretch marks, the longer the treatment will take.

Since the laser works by removing a thin layer skin, it is vital to have an expert perform this procedure as you might end up damaging superficial tissues.

Creams for stretch marks removal

Creams are topical applicators that contain ingredients for eliminating stretch marks. Bio-stria is one such cream, and it includes all natural ingredients that act on your stretch marks by smoothening and removing them.

The advantage of creams is that you can always stop the treatment immediately in case your skin develops allergic reactions which are less obvious.

If you are on a budget and need a treatment plan that is convenient yet effective at the same time, then Bio-Stria is the right treatment for you. Compared to the laser treatment which isn’t a treatment for everyone, Bio-Stria will help you remove those annoying striae at an affordable amount.

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